My Homepage

Hello! My name is Hannah Hwang. You should only be reading this if you see your name here. Irene Jo, Carissa Chaing, Erica Bae, Chloe Chang, Mickayla,  Rachel Kim, Malia Arpon, Esther Park,  Mackenzie Heimer and Jueun Kang.  Oh, and don't worry even though you do not see your name here if our moms know each other or you ever played with me go ahead and read it it's alright.  Those are my school friends, here are my church friends Irene Sung, Ashley Kim, Kiki, Lauren Nam, Jasmine Kang Venessa Kim, Judy Kim and Jasmine Kang.   If you do not see your name here close out of ths website IMMEDIATELY  because only my friends can read this since it is private stuff and only for girls.  If you know about my website please keep it a secret from your friends and boys because boys are a pain in the neck.  Also if you like the colors blue, purple, green, black, silver, and gold you should definetly be reading this because those are my favorite colors too!!! I have two very pretty sisters, go to Fisler and love to read read read!  Did you that you are actually reading my journal?  Well, you are and check out my website every day because I will update more information everyday! See Ya