Hello again my good friends! Today I'll tell you all about me.  First of all I have 5 family members, my dad, mom 2 sisters that are really annoying and me.  This is my address 1001 Starbuck St. #G204 Fullerton C.A. 92833.  And my cellphone number is (1)714-356-5573.  Call me everyday!!!! I love to read everyday especially mystery books.  I like the colors blue, purple, green, black, silver and gold. What's your's? You can email me to ask your questions and answer my questions since I am going to ask one everyday, email me at  My favorite subjects are science. history and reading.    I love playing with my friends and having playdates.  I have a laptop, cellphone, two didgital cameras and a ipod.  I am eight years old. I like Hannah Montana and don't make fun of me or else you'll regret it!!!!!!  I am korean and I was born in Seattle, Washington.  Where were you born? Email your answer please!  Well looks like you almost know everything about me so Bye!  And don't gorget to check this website tomorrow!!!